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More freedom of choice, better hardware utilization, fewer costs

OpenPKG Enterprise 1 for Business Customers

Dachau, December 12th, 2006.

"OpenPKG Enterprise 1" is immediately available to business customers. Right on time to the completion of its first year in existence, the OpenPKG GmbH complements the "OpenPKG Community" product series with a software which is specifically tailored to the needs of business customers. The toolkit is proven in the datacenter environment for years and unleashes noticeable cost savings in the areas of system administration and hardware.

The manpower requirements for system administration of individual Unix solutions increases with the augmented use of pristine Open Source Software. OpenPKG counteracts with concise packaging and consequent unification of the system environment. Costly expertise is a prerequisite for the implementation of complex customer requirements. The toolkit OpenPKG transforms the knowledge of leading experts into a technically reproducible form. Hundreds of prepared software packages can be combined into specific applications, also known as "software stacks".

Quality assurance makes high demands on reproducible solutions while daily operation focuses on maintainability and security aspects. OpenPKG automates operating procedures and with OpenPKG Enterprise 1 the OpenPKG GmbH constantly provides late-breaking and backward-compatible software updates to its customers. Due to this feature, IT departments, system integrators and software vendors can rely on OpenPKG Enterprise 1, especially for security sensitive applications in the Internet area.

According to a Gartner publication [1], server virtualization offers companies opportunities to reduce investment and operation costs while at the same time improve their capacity and service levels. In addition to a server's current functionality, OpenPKG can be deployed multiple times, thus practicing todays emerging trend to virtualization for years. Furthermore, OpenPKG provides companies a tremendous freedom in system choice. Hence users can benefit rapidly from innovations in the hardware and operating system markets.

"Cross-Platform" offers freedom of choice and increases productivity

OpenPKG provides a framework for Unix system administrators, system integrators and software developers, which offers a uniform working environment independent from the platform in use. This opens new possibilities for the migration of existing applications to servers with different hardware architecture and differing Unix derivatives. Porting efforts are minimized and in most cases eliminated completely. Existing tools and operation methods can be transferred to the new environment immediately. "When our growing demands called for a short term upgrade to a different hardware architecture and appropriate operation system, the migration was fully transparent to us OpenPKG users," enjoys Harald Schröpfer, technical director of the online dating agency PARSHIP. The initial skill adaption phase of administrators reduces to provisions outside the scope of OpenPKG. This leads to a noticeable increase in productivity.

"Multi-Instance" offers better server utilization and reduces hardware costs

As a self-contained software distribution, OpenPKG works independent from the underlying operating system to the utmost extend. It can be installed multiple times into separate instances which can be populated with identical or different software. In many use cases, this simple yet powerful virtualization approach is fully sufficient. If necessary, the use of OpenPKG can be combined with other virtualization solutions. "Our datacenter leverages OpenPKG as a fully qualified virtualization solution for optimum utilization of server capacities," states Jürgen Städing, managing director of the full service Internet provider SpaceNet. The reduced requirements for hardware brings down both the capital expenditures and operational expenditures. "For a typical server in the 24x7 datacenter operation, an annual electric power consumption equivalent to roughly 500 U.S. Dollars has to be assumed," calculates Thomas Lotterer, managing director of the OpenPKG GmbH. Cutting one machine already saves this amount and additional saving potentials in the areas of uninterruptible power supply, cooling, rack rental fees, network connectivity and administration are not even considered.

Profitable entry starts at ten servers

The more versatile and differentiated the Unix server landscape, the better the benefit of OpenPKG for the company. The saving potential of OpenPKG results from an optimal organization and utilization of IT resources. "Even under consideration of initial deployment costs, the break-even for our customers using the OpenPKG Enterprise product is already reached in environments with ten servers," recommends Lotterer.

Price and scope of services

The smallest base pack [2] of OpenPKG Enterprise 1 comprises the license for use on ten servers, functional and security relevant updates, a media kit, a printed handbook and a discount offering for individual services. The price is 6985 U.S. Dollars for the ten servers mentioned, for larger base packs and additionally available server licenses a volume discount applies.

Supported are all common hardware architectures with ix86, AMD64 und SPARC processors and Unix derivates including FreeBSD, GNU/Linux distributions und Sun Solaris. OpenPKG Enterprise 1 ships with nearly 600 software packages, which especially contain the latest versions of popular Open-Source Software components - including Apache, GCC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba, Perl, PHP, Python and many more.

About the OpenPKG GmbH

The OpenPKG GmbH [3] was founded on December 12th 2005 by Ralf S. Engelschall und Thomas Lotterer, after they had already established the OpenPKG Foundation e.V. [4] at the beginning of the same year. Both organizations support the Open Source Software project OpenPKG [5] and use it to share code and information. While the OpenPKG Foundation e.V. targets private individuals with its "OpenPKG Community" download-distribution, the OpenPKG GmbH exclusively addresses business customers with its "OpenPKG Enterprise" product.


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