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About OpenPKG GmbH

Name OpenPKG GmbH
Contact: Postal
Weblinger Weg 28
85221 Dachau
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Contact: Phone Tel: +49 8131 90626 0
Contact: Internet Email:
Legal Form GmbH – Corporation with limited liability
Jurisdiction Registered Office Location: Dachau
Managing Director / Geschäftsführer:
Ralf S. Engelschall, Thomas Lotterer
Amtsgericht München, HRB 160208
General Data
The managing directors are
accountable for general data protection.
Contact information see top of the page.
St-Nr: 115-134-60068
USt-Id-Nr: DE814592499
ILN/GLN: 42 6012461 000 4
IEEE IAB: 00-50-C2-65-8x-xx
Bank Account Bank: Deutsche Bank
KTO: 7716905
BLZ: 70070024
IBAN: DE26 70070024 0771690500

Bank: PayPal (Europe) Ltd.
Account: Send Money

Time and Date Current local time in Dachau

Privacy statement

The web server collects information for every single access and logs the network address of the user, the date and time, the requested page, the delivered data volume, the data delivery status, the user’s browser and operating system, and the referrer as raw data.

The network address can often be used to derive the approximate location of the user.

The content management software (CMS) uses cookies to relate every single access to a session or recurring user.

To improve and develop web server and CMS the raw data is analyzed anonymously without network address, without location and without session.

To improve content the raw data is analyzed anonymously without network address, with location and with session.

For debugging the necessary minimum from all available data is analyzed.

The server is hosted in a German data center run by a German company. CMS is operated by a German corporation. Content responsible is a German corporation as seen in impress.

Data will be handed over to third parties only when enforced – with one exception: To chase successful or attempted intrusions, attacks or damages all available data is analyzed unrestricted including third party investigators.

To counteract use of cookies they can be blocked or deleted in the browser.

To counteract logging, derivation and analysis stay away from the website.

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