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OpenPKG Framework Licensing

License Purchase

The OpenPKG Framework VALUE Shareware license can be purchased from the OpenPKG GmbH with a low-cost Kernel/rebate/price combination. The VALUE license is individually created for and bound to the name of the purchaser who is responsible for obeying the licensing terms and conditions. The license legally limits the use to the number of kernels listed and it limits the use of the OpenPKG Framework to versions not older than the license issue date plus 1 year. In other words, the license grants the use of the OpenPKG Framework for an unlimited time (assuming it is no longer upgraded) and includes a 1 year upgrade protection (for upgrading the OpenPKG Framework to its latest version during this time).

Online OpenPKG Framework VALUE License
purchase from the OpenPKG GmbH:

The product is not currently available online.
Please fill out a sales inquiry. Thanks a lot!

NOTICE: A "per kernel license" means you can install as many Instances of OpenPKG onto a single kernel as you like — or until some technical limitation stops you. Kernel is the operating system core that directly executes the OpenPKG Framework executables ("openpkg"). Without virtualization technologies this would be the same as "per server". However, different levels of available virtualization require tighter definition. A virtualization technology that runs the same kernel requires only one license, e.g. chroot(8), Linux VServer, BSD Jails, Solaris Zones. Those that run different kernels in host and guest require one license for every guest and for the host in which one or more OpenPKG frameworks are installed, e.g. VMware, VirtualBox, VirtualPC, Qemu, Bochs, Parallels, XEN, KVM, IBM LPars, etc.

License Overview

The following is an overview of all standardized licenses for the OpenPKG Framework. The particular licenses mainly differ in their license assertions which are directly encoded into the signed license files. A license processor checks the encoded assertions under run-time.

  • The BOOT license is used internally during bootstrapping the OpenPKG Framework only.
  • The RECOVERY license can be temporarily used by the administrator to recover an OpenPKG instance (usually in case of a license expiring issue).
  • The EVAL license is automatically activated on initial installation of the OpenPKG Framework and allows time-limited evaluation without any further restrictions.
  • The PROMO license from time to time is used by the OpenPKG GmbH for promotional offerings and is equal to the VALUE license except for a particular real-time restriction.
  • The EXAMPLE license is intended for training and demonstration purposes.
  • The COMMUNITY license is for true community players who are willing to permanently upgrade nearly their complete package set and this way implicitly act as testers. As a return they can use the OpenPKG Framework free of charge all the time.
  • The VALUE license is for production use and grants an unlimited use and a 1 year upgrade protection for the OpenPKG Framework. This is the option for all commercial users who cannot afford having to change a productive OpenPKG instance all the time. For being able to stay on old versions and this way no longer help the community, a small fee has to be paid to at least financially support the further development of OpenPKG.

Administration Promotion Production
License Facts
ships with framework -
can be purchased online free free free free free free
can be purchased offline - - - - - - -
is resellable - - - - - - -
is invidualized - - - - - -
License Assertions
restricts usable license processor
convert licensing errors to warnings
- - - - - -
require online approval
- - - - - -
online reports usage
- - - - - -
restrict instance prefix (%{l_prefix})
- - - - /example - -
restrict instance user (%{l_musr})
- - - - example - -
restrict instance group (%{l_mgrp})
- - - - example - -
restrict FQDN of host
- - - - - - -
restrict current system time
- - - from: ST
to: ST+60d
- from: ST
to: ST+60d
restrict OpenPKG framework (%{release})
- - - from: 20100101
to: ST+60d
- from: 20100101
to: ST+60d
from: 19700101
to: PT+1y
restrict OpenPKG framework installation
- - from: IT
to: IT+90d
- - - -
requires build-host = install-host
- - - - - -
restrict installed packages (%{name})
openpkg - - - - -
restrict installed packages (%{name}:%{release})
- - - - - 90% > RT-90d -
restrict according to macro expression
- - - - - - -
Target Audience
Training & Demonstration - - - -
Software Developer
Private User -
Commercial User - -
Vendor - - - -
PT:License Purchase Time
ST:License Signing Time
RT:Framework Release Time
IT:Instance Installation Time
*:Currently no promotional offering available
**:Unsigned template downloadable only

License Installation

An OpenPKG Framework VALUE license can be installed into and activated on an OpenPKG instance with the following commands:
admin$ scp filename root@hostname:/tmp/
admin$ ssh root@hostname
hostname$ prefix/bin/openpkg license install VALUE /tmp/filename
hostname$ prefix/bin/openpkg license activate VALUE
hostname$ rm -f /tmp/filename
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