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Thomas Lotterer

Thomas Lotterer

Managing Director
Engineering & Production
OpenPKG GmbH

Thomas Lotterer was born 1970 in Germany and grew up in the north of Munich where he still lives today with his wife and his two daughters. His first experience with information technology was the purchase of a home computer in 1981 which should have complemented his interest in hobby electronics. After a very short time this device became the central point of his life. After finishing O-level school he completed an apprenticeship as communications technician. Following he worked as an Engineer to construct and build custom manufacturing machines which included computer aided design and logic controller programming.

In 1991 he started to work as a field service engineer where he hit the Unix world. Two years later he entered the networking area as support engineer. It was the start of a decade of intensive work with Novell products. Integration with Microsoft products and Unix systems became his focus as a consultant and instructor. With the advent of Directory Services in 1992 his vision of heterogenous systems was established. In 1994 he moved to a Unix distributor where he initially worked in technical support and training and over a six year period he became increasingly involved in system operations with a final position as the teamleader. During a three year timeframe from 2000 he was involved at a system integrator as an engineer to plan and implement network solutions.

In 2001 he took on the challenge as Unix Open Source Software Developer and was significantly involved in the OpenPKG project. His position as Lead Engineer Change Management and Version Control included major project management tasks when it came to release engineering. As a project believer he wanted to grow the community around the project and initated the creation of the OpenPKG Foundation e.V. which was established in 2005. Since then he is volunteering as Director Engineering & Production and Vice President. To complement the business side of life he finally incorporated the OpenPKG GmbH in 2006 where he is focusing on engineering & production.

Currently he is Managing Director of the OpenPKG GmbH and working in the Engineering & Production area.

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