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OpenPKG is the ideal toolkit to build your custom Unix software stack or software appliance. Our masterpiece targeted for the server market is suitable for deployment on Solaris, Linux and BSD. It is known to run on AIX and others, too. OpenPKG Enterprise Series

We recommend you create your custom software stack using the latest available packages. Keep in mind the packages disappear from the download area as soon as they are replaced by successors. Be sure you keep the RPMs you used to achieve a reproducible solution. If you encounter problems and have time, you may try getting free support from the community.

If free support doesn't succeed with porting, building issues or you want to accelerate your project then we recommend you get professional services on board. Our OSS veterans guide you. Eventually, the software stack you create is tailored exactly to your needs. Very much like your personal distro.

If everything is up and running you must consider the maintenance efforts required for your environment. You can do it on you own or hire a professional later.

This approach allows the maximum flexibility for you in the two main conflict pairs "do it yourself" vs. "hire a professional" and "do not touch a running systems" vs. "beg for bleeding edge".

We call that freedom of choice. Sales Request.

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